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SENAO INTERNATIONAL welcomes well established installation companies who are interested in representing our respected brand of communication equipment and solutions to add to their portfolio of products and services. We are specifically inviting this type of company because of their commitment to ensuring the customer is well serviced.

The need for improved in-building coverage solutions is growing rapidly. That growth trend is expected to continue as individuals, businesses and families look for ways to reduce monthly expenses. We are already seeing the move to drop land lines and going completely wireless in residential applications. However, in order for this step to be successfully accomplished, in-home cellular coverage must be guaranteed at all times. This is where our products, solutions and engineering experience come into play.

We have created a great reseller's program that ensures our brand is best represented by those selected. There are no minimum order requirements or monthly commitments. You will receive full technical support from design to installation if needed. Live technical support will also be available when commissioning a system in the field. This will ensure that the customer receives the very best solution and service.

We are looking for:

Deposit the check/DD at your nearest AXIS Bank in favors of "SENAO INTERNATIONAL" in our account

. Installation companies who are experienced in Audio / Visual, CCTV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, PC Networking, Structured Cabling or Security.

. Installation Companies who are operating for more than 2 years.

. Installation Companies who are already representing other respectable brands of Audio, Visual, Networking, PC, Security equipment, will be an asset.

. Installation Companies with a proven track record of successful installations and happy customers.

. An installation partner we can trust and depend on to get the job done right.

If you think you match what we are looking for, then we invite you complete the application form below. Please allow 4-5 business days for a response. (Jdtek)


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