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Low Power Mini Jammer (LPMJ Jammer)

Low Power Mini Jammer (LPMJ Jammer)
Introducing the "new" Tri- Band Mini Phone Jammer the most sophisticated digital cellular mobile phone jammer off its class, a mobile device to help you keep away from noise and disturbance of cellular phone calls. Note: Always connect matching antennas before using the cell phone mobile jammer to avoid any damage.EPJAMMER9-m

  • Coolest and lowest priced jammers on the market.
  • Portable, Small, Compact and Robust.
  • To keep you away from noise and disturbance of unexpected cellular phone calls or text massages (SMS)
  • World wide compatible
  • To paralyze cellular phone communication links within an effective area.
  • No transmissions or receptions of cellular phone calls in coverage area.
  •  All specified frequency brand will be paralyzed simultaneously.
  • The coverage area is a sphere area with its effective distance as a radius.
  • For use at Meeting rooms, Conference room, Museum, Galleries, Theaters, concert halls, Churches, Temples, Restaurants,  Classrooms, Training centers, Factories, Banks, Trains, Buses etc.
  • Easy to operate. No adjustment needed.



Important Note:
The jamming area is influenced by the location of the cell tower and obstacles between the cell tower and the cellular jammer.
It means that in normal condition, if the distance is close between the cell tower and the jamming area, it will have very less jamming area.


Specifications of LPMG Jammer:

Jamming Area

5 to 10 meters of indoor
(Depends on signal strength, at the site to be jammed)

Cellular Systems (CDMA):800~895 MHz
(GSM):890~964 MHz
(DCS.PHS):1.700~2.000 GHz
GSM / CDMA / PCS / TDMA / DCS / AMPS / NMTP / Nextel
Power Supply 100-300 VAC DC 12V @1.0A
Dimension 9.5cm(W) * 7cm(H) * 2cm (D) Weight
Net Weight 202gm
Antenna Swivel type 360 degree rotary adjustment and 90 degree adjustment
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