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Buyers Guide
Standard mobile signals are broadcast on the 800, 900,1800and1900 MHz frequency bands in INDIA. In order to select the right frequency Booster / repeater, you need to know which frequency your network provider uses in your area. For information on this, select your network service provider from the list below.

For standard phone networks (i.e. phone calls, messages, 2G internet access) you can select a dual band repeater. This will improve phone calls on all INDIAN networks except CDMA &3G (1900MHz).

  IDEA Cellular Limited (IDEA Cellular - Gujarat) GSM 900
  IDEA Cellular Limited (Idea (Escotel) Haryana) GSM 900
  IDEA Cellular Limited (IDEA Cellular - Andhra Pradesh) GSM 900
  IDEA Cellular Limited (IDEA Cellular - Maharashtra) GSM 900
  Aditya Birla Telecom Limited (IDEA BEHAR) GSM 1800
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