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PASSIVE REPEATER do not amplify the signal but transfer it instead

The setup is the same as a mobile repeater, you install one antenna in an area outside where you get the best reception. You can test this by simply walking around your property with your mobile phone, where you get most signal is the place you should install the first antenna.

You'll then need to connect this antenna to another antenna inside the property. This will not 'amplify' the signal but simply transfer it.

The best part of PASSIVE REPEATER is that they cover all networks including 3G and 4G.

Covers all networks, 3G & 4G
You will receive x2 identical antennas, you will need to install. one outdoors where you have the best signal and connect it to the other indoors.

This Transfers all network providers, 3G and 4G signal. Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL,Idea, Aircel, Spice, Reliance,Cellone,Videocon, Tata,MTS and works on all phones including iphone The mobile signal with then be transfered to the area with low signal. Simple and highty effective.

Antenna Performance
This 3G & 4G antenna is great for improving mobile phone signal with 3G and 4G transfer speeds.
The antennas come with a free desk stand in case you don't want to wall mount it.
The antenna is flat and relatively discrete, complete and comes with all cables, connections and fittings you need.

Locating the Signal
In order to get the best results, walk around the property with your mobile phone until you find and area with the best reception. You will need to place or install the first antenna around this area.
What's in the box?
This antenna is the complete 3G and 4G antenna solution. No additional purchases needed.

You will receive 2 Directional Antenna, 1 Cable (10m long). Note: If you can only get very low reception outisde then this solution will not work.

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