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Frequently Asked Questions

. Do I need mobile signal booster / repeater?
. What will booster / repeater do?
. What network will mobile booster / repeater work on?
. Will mobile signal booster / repeater amplify WiFi?
. Can I buy mobile signal booster / booster and install myself?
. What is the guarantee?
. How much does it cost?
. What will the installed system look like?
. Will mobile signal booster / repeater work for all phones?
. How do I get a project quote?
. Any risk with booster / Repeaters?


If you have at two (2) bars of signal (on the screen of your cellphone) when you are on the outside of the building but are going to none or 1 bar inside and experiencing dropped or missing parts of data or voice calls, your site is ideal for a CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS. Not only can we extend the same outside coverage inside but we can actually amplify it in most cases. It is important to understand that we cannot distribute a signal to the inside when there is none outside.

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Simply put, we will give you signal inside (assuming there is signal outside) where you had little or none before and allow you the freedom to use all the features of your wireless device where you want inside.

. No dropped voice calls
. Faster data transmissions and less missing bits of information.
. Longer battery life due to the device using less power to capture the signal.
. Allow full feature use of new 3G & 4G data coverage coming of mobile TV and entertainment to low coverage areas.

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What network will CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS work on?

CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS has technology to work with every network provider in any territory worldwide. In many cases the CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS repeaters are multiband/multimode and one unit will work with all networks. CDMA (RELIANCE & TATA) is the exception as it requires our exclusive CDMA repeater which will not boost any other.

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No. WiFi is a higher frequency and CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS technology is currently designed for the cellular band of 800-2400 MHz.

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Can I buy CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS and install myself?

Yes for small area applications such as offices, homes, cars and basements we have complete systems that have been designed for relatively easy end user installation. If you don't mind having a tethered solution of a thin cable going from the REPEATER to the wireless device, we offer SIGNAL REPEATER which is as easy as it gets.

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What is the guarantee?

For systems we design and install ourselves we guarantee your satisfaction after we install or you don't pay. For do it yourself Kits products we offer 12 months full warranty.

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How much does it cost?

For simple one device boosting using a tethered concept (a small cable velcroed to the device from the repeater) you can buy SIGNAL REPEATER for less than RS. 12000/- and we will ship out same day. For commercial or larger multiroom residential applications we suggest a site survey, where we come to your site and do a technical assement and propose the best solution. They're many variables involved in determing why signal is weak, what materials are used in the construction of the building, and what products and techniques can be used to deliver the lowest cost solution. We will then discuss with you what devices you plan or currently use and what your objectives are. In many cases of 10,000 sq ft and less we can provide a quote the next day and have it installed and operating within the same week.

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What will the installed system look like?

CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS equipment is compact and contains micro electronics. The main amplifier hub measures less than 10" X 8" X 5" and can easily be hidden inside false ceilings or closets. Small frequency nodes (antennas the size of a smoke detector) are strategically placed around the facility to create an efficient network. For areas where the signal outside is not as strong, a special roof mounted directional antenna may be required to be installed to best capture the cell tower signal. Ultra low loss coaxial cabling is then discreetly installed connecting these components.

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Will CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS work for all phones?

Yes. CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS technology will work for for all cellular, PDA, and Blackberry phones.

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How do I get a project quote?

Unless a small room do it yourself application, we suggest an on-site survey by one of our trained wireless specialists to best offer cost effective solutions to your facilities signal needs. Just call or email your request for a quote and we will get more information to give you a no obligation quote.

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Any risk with Repeaters?

In a nutshell, yes there is. Some manufactures of repeaters do not regulate the output and instead produce a fixed output which can actually shut down cell towers and cause huge issues for all cellular users of that carrier within 30 miles of the tower. In this event, the FCC, IC and network security will be knocking at the door of the user of this type repeaters within days.

CELL SIGNAL SOLUTION repeaters are the hub to a successful application. CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS does not use fixed output repeaters but we use bi directional, digital microprocessor software controlled RF linear repeaters that have a large dynamic range from 30 dB to 72dB. CELL SIGNAL SOLUTIONS repeaters are a stand-alone pass through linear RF repeaters that uses external power. When close to a cell site it compensates only for the loss in the coaxial cable and connectors from an external antenna to the wireless portable handset. The handset has the ability to produce the power level that the local cell site is requesting regardless of the distance, within reason from the cell site. The digital microprocessor, software-controlled, signal repeaters are designed to meet or exceed carrier standards as well as improve wireless reception. The software controlled digital system will sense the presence of a wireless handset and respond in its power level to the presence of the signal generated by that handset so as to cause no interference with that signal, or confusion at the cell site.

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