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In-Building Solutions

As bustiness simultaneously becomes more reliant on wireless service for mobility and interconnectedness, many businesses are finding their place of work can make business communication an issue. SENAO INTERNATIONAL can optimize wireless coverage indoors for commercial buildings, public venues, hotels, airports, exhibition halls.

With facilities designed to meet the highest safety and energy efficiency standards, the materials that make your workplace safe and energy efficient can impair the wireless signal you depend on to communicate, leaving you with dead spots, without your cell phone, PDA or wireless air card. These are business tools you depend on while working. We provide solutions so you, your employees and clients have consistent coverage regardless of their physical location within your facility. We provide solutions so you can have reliable communications in the workplace. All of our solutions are scalable and competitively priced.

Today's business environment demands immediate communications and more than ever people utilize a wireless device to do so. Communications between co-workers, customers and vendors is critical to success.

SENAO INTERNATIONAL delivers reliable, economical solutions providing wireless coverage in your workplace. We provide reliable, affordable solutions that deliver seamless hand-off from the external macro network into the commercial building.


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